Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. When will I receive my order?

To make things efficient and organized we make one scheduled shipment per week. Please allow 7 to 10 business days to receive your product within Canada. International shipments (outside of North America) can require up to 6 - 8 weeks depending on your country. Please allow for this time to pass before e-mailing.

2. How are your prints packaged?

We use high quality double walled mailing tubes and wrap the poster in a thin layer of Kraft paper to ensure that it does not slide during shipping. Additionally, each end of the mailing tube is packed with bubble-wrap for padding. Sometimes we'll toss in some additional swag, like stickers--don't worry they wont ruin your shipment.

3. What type of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) & PayPal.

4. Your prints are listed as limited edition, how can I be sure that they will not be reprinted?

We have an agreement with the Mayfair Theatre, production companies, rights holders and the artists stating that we will only produce a set number of prints. This set number is indicated on each print, next to your unique print number. In the event that you lose or damage your print, we cannot create a new print to replace it. We do this to keep the integrity of the print run intact.

5. Do you ship internationally?

YES!  We would ship your package to the moon if it was possible--we ship anywhere in the world. Keep in mind, as we do ship with Canada Post, some international countries may experience a 6 - 8 week delay in delivery.

6. Can you combine shipping on items?

Yes, shipping is calculated based on weight. Typically shipping is the same if you order anywhere from 1 - 5 prints, after this it increases slightly. 

7. Do you offer expedited shipping?

We can provide expedited shipping, please contact us after purchase to arrange this.

8. What do you recommend for framing your posters?

If you want quality frames that will protect and preserve your Skuzzles posters, then we would personally recommend Spotlight Displays. Their frames are of the highest quality and can be custom cut into any size. They are front loading, so you can easily swap out your posters without taking the frame off the wall. They are also UV protective. Skuzzles customers can get a 10% discount by entering coupon code SKUZZLES at checkout. 

9. When I received my print, it was rolled and wont flatten.

Our limited edition screen prints are shipped in custom made thick mailing tubes, rolled in kraft paper. Before framing your print, we highly recommend that you place the print on a flat surface with 4 heavy objects (for example, books) on each corner. Your print should be left like this for several days, until it is no longer curving. Once it is flattened, you can place it into a frame. Failure to flatten properly before framing could cause your print to warp (and not the good king of warping, like the warp whistle in Super Mario Bros 3)

10. Do you offer refunds?

All sales are final sale. We only offer refunds if your print arrives noticeably damaged.