About Skuzzles

Some of our greatest memories as kids were going to video stores and carefully browsing their collection of VHS films.  Dissecting cover after cover, we would analyse the artwork (the villains, the creatures, the scenes, the weapons, and on...) taking an entirety to decide on what film to rent, but loving each and every minute of the exploration. Letting our imaginations run wild while observing cover art was equally as enjoyable as watching a movie. Illustrated cover art was typically the sole decision for our movie selection.

As adults, we passed on the Van Goghs and the Picassos and opted to hang our favorite film posters. We became collectors, maybe obsessive at times, and we couldn't stop wondering about "the possibilities" of poster art.  So instead of waiting to see if someone was going to make limited edition screen print movie posters for the movies that were cemented as the foundations of our childhood, we decided to launch this vessel we call Skuzzles.  Since 2010, Skuzzles has been a creative art house that seeks to do one thing: bring back illustrated movie art in multiple different mediums. 

From the beginning we have sought to work in the best way to benefit collectors, artists and studios.  Whether we are working on a limited edition screen print movie poster, a collection of illustrated Blu-Ray and DVD covers, or a slick collectible pin, we simply cannot wait to share our work. To date we have worked with an array of clients including: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM); 20th Century Fox; The Mayfair Theatre; Entertainment One (eOne); Troma Entertainment Inc, Invisible Cinema; and the estate of Vincent Price.

You don't have to come all the way to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to join our cult.  Connect with us online (there's a good chance it's a lot warmer wherever you are).  But if you happen to make it up North, stop in for some pancakes and maple syrup. We might even call up Bob and Doug, Terry and Deaner, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, and get a game of street hockey going.

Mayfair Theatre

Built in 1932 in the depths of the Great Depression, the Mayfair Theatre is one of Ottawa's last two neighborhood cinemas, and one of the oldest surviving independent movie houses in all of Canada. It has the distinction of never having been owned by, or affiliated with, any of the major cinema chains.

Invisible Cinema

Invisible Cinema is Ottawa's dealer of cult, forigen, rare and hard to find movies. Skuzzles has partnered with Invisible Cinema for showcasing all future prints, which will be viewable in-store.

Invisible Cinema inside