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RoboCop by Anthony Petrie - Free Pins - Win 1 of 4 Original Art Pieces.

Skuzzles' first limited edition screen print movie poster of 2016 is something we've been working on since last spring with the extremely talented and detailed artist Anthony Petrie. We're thrilled to finally release Anthony Petrie's RoboCop. We wanted to include some iconic characters from the film, but ran into issues with likeness and our initial release was delayed. After several months, we were finally able to negotiate the use of likeness for Kurtwood Smith's character Clarence Boddicker, thanks for Kurtwood himself--he's also the first person to receive this print.




Skuzzles Collaborates With 20th Century Fox and MGM to Create 13 Brand New Collectible BluRay/DVD Faceplates

Skuzzles Halloween 2015 BluRay Dvd collectible faceplate project



RoboCop Movie Poster by James White (Signalnoise)

Skuzzles Robocop by James White of Signalnoise Side by Side


What's the only thing more exciting than ED-209 being authorized to use physical force?  How about James White ( paying tribute to the greatest cyborgs delivered by the 80s (it was a toss up between RoboCop and Guyver).  Whether it was spending hours perfecting the art of shooting bad guys at a 45 degree angle on NES or running around in a full hockey gear and carrying a Nerf gun, RoboCop helped define our childhoods. It was even the inspiration for our new logo (thanks Matthew Skiff). 

Motell Hell by Francesco Francavilla

Motell Hell - Francesco Francavilla - Regular - Skuzzles

We are fans of all movie genres, but if we had to decide, horror (especially b horror) would be at the top of our list. For this limited edition screen print movie poster we teamed up award winning Italian comic book artist Francesco Francavilla. We recently teamed up with Francesco to create a limited edition Jeepers Creepers flaceplate, as part of a project we worked on with MGM and 20th Century Fox. The project launched back in Halloween and was aimed to redesign 13 cult classic horror movie faceplates for Blurays and DVDs. This time around, we're extremely happy to announce that Francesco has illustrated a limited edition screen print movie poster for one of our favorite cult classic horror comedy films, MOTEL HELL. 



Rocky IV by Jason Edmiston

Rocky IV by Jason Edmiston Skuzzles Regular 
We are incredibly excited to be releasing our new limited edition screen print movie poster, Rocky IV by Jason Edmiston. Jason masterfully developed this concept full of symbolism featuring Drago as an insurmountable mountain in the red Russian sky. The amount of propaganda in this movie is only rivaled by the ever inspiring series of montages. Its almost impossible to look at this print without your mind firing up Hearts on Fire.
With the variant, we wanted to offer the fans the full experience, as though the poster was transported straight from Russia. 
Once again Jason developed this print in a totally unique style of screen print design that takes nothing away from his painting approach. Anyone who owns Jason's (sold out) Killer Klowns from Outer Space limited edition screen print poster knows how incredible Rocky IV will look in person. The Rocky IV screen print is a total of 10 colours, but the pics will show you how incredible the printing was executed.