Bloodsport (1988) poster by Randy Ortiz

Bloodsport by Randy Ortiz @ Skuzzles
Last week we released a poster illustrated by Canadian artist Ghoulish Gary for MGM's cult classic movie Teen Wolf. This week we're following up with another cult favorite from MGM's archive, Bloodsport (1988) illustrated by another very talented Canadian artist Randy Ortiz. 
How this poster came to life is actually pretty cool. We were in the process of selecting movie titles for our license agreement with MGM and we were introduced to Randy Ortiz for the first time. Whenever we meet an artist, we ask the same question "What are some of your favorite films, that you would like to create a poster for". Without skipping a beat, Randy said BLOODSPORT, but little did he know it was an MGM property we were already looking to acquire.  Since watching Bloodsport as a young boy Randy has dreamed of training alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme for the Kumite. A single elimination full contact fighting tournment, held in a secret location, that only occurs every 5 years. Randy admits that his Kumite invite might never come, so the next best thing is creating an officially licensed silk screened poster for the film. It's nice to offer an artist a project that they're passionate about.
Here's a quote from Randy Ortiz himself regarding the poster 
"What you see is Dux's face right after Bolo throws salt in his eyes, and he ends up having that look of absolute clarity (right after his comical freak out). I thought this scene was a pivotal turning point in the fight. I remember as a kid losing my shit when I first saw this scene."
We wanted the poster to look like it came out of the same year that Bloodsport was released and we're really happy with Randy's final results.
Here is the spec and release information for our Bloodsport poster:
Bloodsport (1988)
Limited edition of 175 available - $35 each
Silkscreened - 18" x 24" / 1.5 ft x 2 ft
Printed by D&L Screenprinting
Artwork by Randy Ortiz
For sale at a random time on Friday October 5th, 2012 in our store front.
PS:  If you're in Ottawa this week, you can stop by Invisible Cinema to checkout the poster on display!
A close-up of the actual poster, screen printed by D&L Screenprinting
Bloodsport by Randy Ortiz @ Skuzzles


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    brenda ann miller

  • You didn’t include me in the poster. I’ll see you in a dark alley


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