Happy Mother's Day from Fernando Reza, TROMA, and Skuzzles


Edition Size:     75 (limited to 1 per person)

Price:                $32

Colors:             6 silk screen, printed on black liquorice paper

Size:                18" x 24"

ON SALE Friday May 4th @ a random time in our shop www.skuzzles.com!

Mother's Day TromaMOTHER'S DAY - TROMA

We have some news to share with everyone regarding our upcoming Troma print. Below we have a 6-color 18" x 24"silkscreened print, printed by D&L Screenprinting and a limited edition of 75. This print is a tribute to one of the first and greatest exploitation flicks of the 80's. The artwork was done by Fro Reza, who we were extremely happy to have work on our Troma series. He has fresh style that hasn't been contributed to Skuzzles yet, so we hope you like this one as much as we do. 

Fro Reza is a 25 year old machine of an artist from Los Angeles California. He's worked on promotional campaigns for Super 8Chronicle, and Cabin in the Woods. He has been contributing monthly to CHUD.com's tribute series for some time now. As busy as he seems, he has regularly exhibits at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. Fro was drawn to poster design a few years ago after doing some fan art for the TV series LOST--during it's finial season. He's a huge fan of Mary Blair and Saul Bass, as well as a lot of other great Scandinavian designers from the 50's. And what we all want to know, what are some of Fro's favourite films? Like most of us cinephiles, his taste is constantly changing, but he did give us one.. The Apartment by Billy Wilder. 
Stay tuned!


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  • When’s the next Troma release.. its been awhile?

    Willy M

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