Skuzzles Collaborates With 20th Century Fox and MGM to Create 13 Brand New Collectible BluRay/DVD Faceplates


 Skuzzles BluRay DVD limited edition collectible face plate halloween

Last year in 2014 we were approached by 20th Century Fox and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) to work on a Halloween project. We were asked to produce a series of collectible BluRay and DVD face plates to celebrate some of their most popular horror/thriller films. Last year’s list included 13 films; Carrie, The Amityville Horror, Teen Wolf, Child's Play, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, The Silence of the Lambs, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Last House on the Left, Jeepers Creepers, Misery, Species, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, and The Return of the Living Dead. Details on last years Halloween project can be found on our blog or on our portfolio page.


Our last Halloween series went over so well, we were asked to do it all over again with 13 new films. The new films include 28 Days Later, Troll 2, Mr Brooks, Jennifer’s Body, Wrong Turn, Young Frankenstein, Joy Ride, The Fly, Donnie Darko, The Hills Have Eyes, From Hell, Pumpkinhead and Poltergeist II. In addition to the 13 new titles being released, last year's series will also be re-released, for a total of 26 collectible BluRay/DVD face plates. 


We worked with some extremely talented and well known top artists in the pop culture scene to assemble a variety of unique styles. Each artist executed their own take on the collectible face plate artwork, and in our opinion, the results are absolutely stunning! Be sure to check out the artists listed under the images below. 


These collectible BluRay/DVD face plates are exclusive to Halloween, so be sure to pick them up before they're pulled from the shelves. Copies can be found at most major North American retailers. So far we've seen them at BestBuy, Wal-Mart, and FoxConnect.
Let us know if you find them anywhere else. If you do, be sure to tag us on Instagram @SkuzzlesArt / #skuzzles, tweet us @SkuzzlesCan, or post to our facebook page 


28 Days Later - Artwork by Randy Ortiz


Wrong Turn - Artwork by Josh Budich


Troll 2 - Artwork by Slasher Design


Mr Brooks - Artwork by Tracie Ching


Jennifer's Body - Artwork by Rhys Cooper


Young Frankenstein - Artwork by Paul Shipper


Joy Ride - Artwork by Matt Tobin


The Fly - Artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin


Donnie Darko - Artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin


The Hills Have Eyes - Artwork by Francesco Francavilla


From Hell - Artwork by Dan Mumford



Poltergeist II - Artwork by Adam Rabalais

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