Troma prints will be sold soon!


Just a heads up to everyone who has been asking about the Troma series. The series will consist of 5 different prints, from 4 different artists. Currently we have one print in hand, one in transit and two at the print shop. We want to ensure a steady flow of print drops during the series because like everyone else, we hate suspense. Keep an eye on our mailing list, twitter and facebook. We'll be releasing some photos next week!

Also, if you haven't signed up yet, get on our mailing list. We're giving away bucketloads of free stuff, including autographed Troma merchandise!

In the meantime, watch some of these! - Class of Nuke em HIgh - Toxic Avenger - Surf Nazi's Must Die - Father's Day (coming soon)



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  • Awesome first Troma poster cant wait to get mine. Any truth to the rumor that rhys cooper will be doing a Toxic Avenger poster for you guys


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