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Two new The Abominable Dr. Phibes Prints by Ghoulish Gary Pullin

by Skuzzles Updates on December 15, 2014

the Abominable Dr. Phibes - Skuzzles - Ghoulish Gary Pulin - Vincent Price - Limited Edition Screen Print  the Abominable Dr. Phibes - Skuzzles - Ghoulish Gary Pulin - Vincent Price - Limited Edition Screen Print


For us, Skuzzles is truly a passion business. We love to help create artwork for collectors and to create opportunities for artists that they're passionate about. We knew Gary Pullin was a huge Vincent Price fan, so when we sat down with Gary to ask him if he was interested in working on a poster for the Abominable Dr. Phibes, his response was to simply prop out his arm and show us his tattoo based on The Abominable Dr. Phibes--his way of saying yes.  It's safe to say that Gary loves The Abominable Dr. Phibes and Vincent Price as much as we do.  Once Gary started showing us concepts, it was hard to narrow it down to a single one.  We decided to go with two concepts for this timeless movie, featuring the one and only Merchant of Menace, Vincent Price.  


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Army Of Darkness - Chris Weston and Jeff Boyes

by Skuzzles Updates on December 10, 2014

Army of Darkness - Jeff Boyes - Skuzzles Limited Edition Screen PrintArmy of Darkness - Jeff Boyes - Skuzzles Limited Edition Screen PrintArmy of Darkness -Chris Weston - Skuzzles Limited Edition Screen PrintArmy of Darkness -Chris Weston - Skuzzles Limited Edition Screen Print


Attention all primitives. We recently teamed up with MGM Studios to release two beautiful designs for the cult classic film Army of Darkness featuring cult icon Bruce Campbell as Ash--Hail to the king, baby! To pay tribute to Army of Darkness, we called upon veteran artists Chris Weston (UK) and Jeff Boyes (Canada) to offer two completely unique illustrations in a variety of colors. 


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The Pink Panther 50th Anniversary

by Skuzzles Updates on December 07, 2014


The Pink Panther Skuzzles DKNG  The Pink Panther Skuzzles DKNG

It's been 50 years since the original release of Blake Edward's The Pink Panther.To celebrate this amazing film series we teamed up with DKNG to pay tribute in the form of a limited edition collectible screen print movie poster. To truly commemorate The Pink Panther's 50th Anniversary, we asked DKNG to design artwork playing off some of the original The Pink Panther poster concepts. The end result is a sleek and simplistic mash-up of two popular The Pink Panther posters from the past--any idea which two posters we're referring to?

The Pink Panther limited edition screen print movie poster is offered in an extremely limited run size (125 regulars and 40 variants), to ensure that fans of The Pink Panther get a very unique piece of high-quality collectible artwork. 


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13 Limited Edition Redesigned Cult Classic Horror Blu-Ray/DVD Faceplates for MGM/Fox Halloween Series -- In Stores Starting September 9th, 2014

by Skuzzles Updates on September 08, 2014

Earlier in 2014, Skuzzles partnered with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios and 20th Century
Fox Home Entertainment in developing artwork for 13 cult classic horror films. The DVDs and Blu-rays feature illustrated limited edition artwork created by a collective of incredible artists from all over the globe (Ghoulish Gary Pulin, Jason Edmiston, Todd Slater, Randy Ortiz, Josh Budich, Justin Osborne, Paul Shipper, Gregorz Domaradzki "Gabz", Francesco Francavilla) . The films are offered at all major retailers, including Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Best Buy Canada and Walmart Canada. The films can be found on Blu-ray for $7-9, and on DVD for only $5-7.


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by Skuzzles Updates on July 27, 2014

class of nuke em highWe are honoured to have Skuzzles' sold out Class of Nuke em HIgh poster by Godmachine featured as the official artwork for Ship to Shore Phonograph Company's first Troma LP release. If you're a vinyl junkie like and movie buff like us, this is a very limited run that you definitely wont want to miss out on. Here's your chance to pick up a great collectible piece, officially licensed by Troma and released by Ship to Shore Phonograph Company. Below is the official low-down on the release. 


New York, N.Y., July 22, 2014 - The Ship to Shore Phonograph Company announced today that the soundtrack to the Troma classic Class of Nuke 'Em High will finally get an official release, something fans have been waiting for since 1986!  In conjunction with Troma, Ship To Shore have collated the glorious 80's anthems that made the soundtrack such a highly demanded item, and will release it to the public - on gloriously thick 180g vinyl! The LP is now available for pre-order at  shiptoshore.storenvy.com and will street on November 11, 2014.


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Sale info for Stargate by Kilian Eng

by Skuzzles Updates on December 09, 2013



On Wednesday December 11th, we're releasing a brand new officially licensed screenprint movie poster, showcasing artwork by Kilian Eng. For some time now we wanted to work on a screenprint with Kilian and Stargate was definitely the perfect opportunity. Call us crazy, but when it comes to illustrating science-fiction environments, Kilian seems to know a thing or two. Kilian has an unmistakable illustration style that he uses to perfectly mesh together two prominent elements from Stargate--the alien world of an ancient civilization and the advanced technologies seen throughout the film.


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Skuzzles Halloween Gallery Show - Invisible Cinema / Wurm Gallery

by Brock H on October 18, 2013

  Invisible Cinema / Wurm Gallery and Skuzzles are proud to present Skuzzles: The Halloween Cult Film Poster Show, October 25th - November 10th, 2013.Skuzzles first ever gallery exhibit will open on Friday October 25th at 8PM at Invisible Cinema's Wurm Gallery, 319 Lisgar St., Ottawa, ON.  Join us on...

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